Do's and Don'ts

Sometimes, when I am high, I get philosophical. No big deal here. Most of us do. And I think of the ways in which we can dole out whatever little we can, to improve this world. No, I am not asking you to sit for board exams, prepare for IIT-JEE or medical entrance exams, or try and give a shot to the Common Admission Tests, better known as CAT. That's a cliche. So is saying that "That's a cliche." Anyway, I will leave that nagging part to parents, teachers and neighbours, especially Sharma family and their overachieving kids.

Be the common man you are, and you can still contribute to the welfare of everyone. Here's how.
  • Start with respecting women. And men.

  • Wear helmets and seatbelts. Also condoms.

  • Read better books, good novels. Write a little, each day.

  • Listen to good music. No. Not Justin Bieber.

  • Eat pizza. Actually, don't. Once a month maybe.

  • Give way to the ambulance, and the fire brigade.

  • Adopt a stray dog. Or feed them, at the least.

  • Travel, a lot. Try to meet new people. They teach a lot.

  • Smoke less. You won't quit, so cut down.

  • Save water. Can't wipe ass with Corona, even though it is worth that only.

  • Learn to drive. Make it a priority if you don't know already. Also, swimming.

  • Don't RiTe Lyk Dis. Buy a grammar book if you do.

  • Don't steal milk off your neighbor's doorstep. Also, newspaper. Just don't.

  • Don't plagiarize. Take permission before you borrow.

  • Do not copy assignments, unless you are an engineer.

  • Do not use your roommate's deodorant. They are costly.

  • Do not hit on your friend's sister. It never works out.

  • Do not rant excessively on twitter.

  • Do not use too many hashtags. They are annoying.

  • Do not instagram every other food item you eat. Please, stop.

  • Do not check-in at every place you visit. Enjoy the trip instead.

  • Read newspapers. Stop watching Indian daily soaps and sitcoms.

  • Also, i will keep updating this space as and when i get time to plagiarize.

  • Lastly, thank you.

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