Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Social experiments, up yours!

"Don't believe everything you read on the internet".

Someone said this. Abraham Lincoln maybe. Or not. That is the irony of this vast phantasmagoria spin-off  called Internet. No worries, I Google-ed that word.Go ahead, help yourself.

The internet spews an enormous amount of trolls and spam every year. I wonder how do people have so much time, when there is this beautiful phenomenon termed 'sleep'. Nonetheless, the most disturbing creation of internet has to social media, and the many dangerous tentacles it has. Say, hashtags;undoubtedly the most irritating child of this family.  And twitter is that neighbour with the noisiest lawn mower. You get my drift, don't you. Oh no no, we are not getting into that 'boon-bane' debate again. That has been done enough till date. Add to that, why waste energy and space on debating that? Also, i am lazy. I do want to write about something else.

Social experiments. Of late, this rather very disturbing trend has gained momentum. Some random jack takes up a camera, and trots off to a public place to shoot a 3-4 minute docudrama about the reaction of people to a particular situation, or what would they do if they face a certain situation. A commentary about what should have been done, instead of what the people in the video did, follows. Some drama, a few laughs, pointing out to the camera yada yada yada, and 3 minutes later we learn what douchebags  people are, and how every third person may be one such specimen. What started as simple idea to raise awareness is now being forced down throats to prove how fucked up this world is. Men trying women's makeup, kissing a stranger for the first time, asking for a slice of pizza from diners and what not.

Oh please, cut us some slack. What did you expect Einstein? We are human beings, not the offsprings of a moral science book. Also, ever heard about the bystander effect? It defines us. It defines who we really are. Stop being delusional. Most of these so called experiments work on something that a normal human being will never do. For example, i will never apply makeup to one half of my face, or ask people for a slice of their pizza in a diner. I might be involved in an accident and the people passing by might not help me. But then, there is very little i can do. Maybe, i will call my parents and ask them to pay off my bills.

I try to help people as much as i can, like a NORMAL human being would.  Please do not expect me to poke my nose in everything that goes in and around me, and correct anything that goes wrong. I am certainly not 'not-cool' guy to be with, because i do not chew a gum round the clock. Ask my friends. In fact, don't. To drive home the point, let me say something about myself. I will help every homeless person, but only if they are needy. If a person is capable of doing any work, i will never drop a dime in his begging bowl. I will not help a person who passes out drunk in the streets. Mean as that might sound, drink responsibly you idiots.  We do not roam the streets to help you reach your home if you happen to fall in a pit after one drink too many. We are not Batman!

Also, please stop making these social experiments videos. They reveal more of an anti-social part of us, and i do not like that. No one does. There is enough negativity already on this planet. Kindly do not add to that. And, while you are at it, delete cat videos if you ever uploaded one. Do some good  before  you die. Also, die.

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